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The Consequences of Sex Addiction For a Church

The consequences of sex addiction on a church posts dangers not only to a sex addict but to all the members of a community or church as a whole. The rampant sex addiction of a pastor, elder or other church leader will not only result in negative effects on the sex addict but also to the members of the community or church and most especially the children and women. As leaders, people will look up and respect these individuals not knowing they live a life of immorality and secrecy. These sex addicts will earn the trust of the community and use it to lure them into sin. Otherwise, these sex addicts would use the respect and trust given to them in their sexual offenses especially to women and children.

Just like any type of addiction where the effects are felt by the individual and the family, the consequences of sex addiction on a community or church gravely affects the society as a whole. As sex addicts usually are the prime suspects in sexual offenses, the people belonging in a community or church will be their prime targets. The women and children are the ones that are in peril. When a sex addict feels the strong sexual urge and finds it hard to control, he usually can not contain himself and hunts for prey resulting in big numbers of sexual molestation and rape in the community or church. These result in people leaving the community and settling in a safer place for their children. On the other hand, the sex offenses will put the church into shame and will make its members lose faith and leave for other churches. The consequences of sex addiction on a church community is much worse than what is perceived as it endangers the community or church members and will destroy it as a whole.